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Value Flows curated by JPG, NFT Paris24.02 – 27.02.2023
The Accursed Share, Talbot Rice, Gallery Edinburgh18.03 – 28.05.2023
How is Life?, Toto Gallery・MA, Tokyo21.10.2022 – 31.03.2023
Time After Time: The Polychronicity in Blockchain, Hyundai Motorstudio, Beijing17.11.2022 – 31.03.2023
DYOR, Kunsthalle Zürich08.10.2022 – 15.01.2023
58th Carnegie International, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh24.09.2022 – 02.04.2023
Beijing Art and Technology Biennale (BATB), CAFA Art Museum, Beijing22.09.2022 – 28.02.2023
Soft Machines, Hua International, Berlin14.09 – 29.10.2022
Unfished Camp@Pivô, Pivô, São Paulo, Brasil13.07 – 31.07.2022
Seed Capital #1 curated by Fingerprints DAO, Art Dubai 202209.03 – 13.03.2022
Timezone #4, Project Atol, Plaza Protocol, Ljubljana, Slovenia22.11.2021
The Ethereal Aether. An Exhibition of Digital Art, The State Hermitage Museum10.11 – 10.12.2021
A Section of Now, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal02.11.2021 – 24.04.2022
7th Athens Biennale, ECLIPSE, Athens25.10.2021 – 29.11.2021
The 34th Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts: ISKRA DELTA, MGLC, Ljubljana, Slovenia10.10 – 18.10.2021
Unfinished Camp, The Shed NYC and HEK Basel24.09 – 26.09.2021
Proof of Art, Francisco Carolinum Linz10.06 – 15.09.2021
Natively Digital: A Curated NFT Sale, Sotheby's New York, Hong Kong and London03.06 – 10.06.2021
Natively Digital: A Curated NFT Sale, Sotheby's Decentraland03.06 – 10.06.2021
2038, German pavilion, 17th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia22.05 – 21.11.2021
SynchroniCities, B-Part, Berlin01.04 – 01.06.2021
Mein Vater, meine Nachbarn, meine Freunde, und deren Freunde, haubrok foundation, FAHRBEREITSCHAFT, Berlin11.12.2020 – 20.02.2021
加密_流形 (crypto_manifold), Chronus Art Center (新时线媒体艺术中心), Shanghai27.06 – 25.09.2020
Survival of the Fittest, Kunstpalais Erlangen29.02 – 06.09.2020
Goodbye Cruel World, It's Over, Weltkunstzimmer, Düsseldorf28.11.2019 – 02.02.2020
25th International Festival of Computer Arts (IFCA), Maribor, Slovenia10.10 – 18.10.2019
Art Week, Haus der Statistik, Berlin11.09.2019 – 17.09.2019
Sovereign Nature Exhibition, Kraftwerk, Berlin18.06 – 20.06.2019
Blocumenta, Artspace, Sydney14.06 – 07.07.2019
VIENNA BIENNALE, MAK – Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst / Gegenwartskunst, Wien28.05 – 31.12.2019
European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück24.04 – 28.06.2019
Digital Dilemma - The Architecture of Trust, Bureau Europa, Maastricht11.04 – 16.06.2019
ME YOU NOU – Créons un terrain d’entente, Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne21.03 – 22.04.2019
Befriending Hyperobjects, NAVEL, Los Angeles03.02 – 25.02.2019
Forest. Enter. Exist., MEWO Kunsthalle Memmingen24.11.2018 – 03.03.2019
{PERFECT & PRICELESS} - VALUE SYSTEMS ON THE BLOCKCHAIN, Kate Vass Galerie, Zürich15.11.2018 – 11.01.2019
Proof of Work, Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin07.09 – 20.12.2018
Crypto-economics: Infrastructures & Artefacts, Ars Electronica, Linz05.09 – 10.09.2018
Crypto-economics: Infrastructures & Artefacts, Festival Alpbach22.08.2018
Gray Area Festival, San Francisco25.07 – 29.07.2018
Exhibition #11: Dark Habitats Dark Ecology, Spektrum, Berlin07.06 – 11.06.2018
New World Order, Furtherfield Gallery, London19.05 – 25.06.2018
New World Order, Drugo More, Rijeka15.02 – 09.03.2018
New World Order, Aksioma, Ljubljana11.01 – 09.02.2018
PROOF-OF-BURN: Burning Money. Burning Value. Burning Trust., Future of Demonstration Festival, Wien08.11 – 09.11.2017
Fiber Festival 2017, Amsterdam10.05 – 14.05.2017


‘Twenty-Two Years of Transcendental Time Machines’ Foreword in ‘Capitalism’s Transcendental Time Machine’, MVU Press01.02.2023
‘terra0: Letting the world computer grow roots, branches and leaves’ (chapter) in: Radical Friends – Decentralised Autonomous Organisations and the Arts15.07.2022
'terra0: an introduction' in REALTY: beyond the traditional blueprints of art & gentrification edited by Tirdad Zolghadr Hatje Cantz11.05.2022
'Temporal Secessionism Sourcebook' edited by Nascent, Plaza Protocol01.10.2021
The development of terra0: Experiments with autonomous ecosystems Weird Economies, Bahar Noorizadeh12.06.2021
'terra0' chapter contribution 140 Artists’ Ideas for Planet Earth by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Kostas Stasinopoulos05.06.2021
Two Degrees NFT: A conceptual and technical writeup of terra0’s contribution for Sotheby’s Nativey Digital: A Curated NFT Sale self-published26.05.2021
'It's 2038', terra0 essay in '2038 — The New Serenity' German Pavillon at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition — La Biennale di Venezia, Sorry Press20.03.2021
‘Barkerlang’ in ‘VOLUME XIII’ PLUTONICS JOURNAL, MVU Press01.06.2020
'terra0 – Can an Augmented Forest Own and Utilize Itself?’ chapter contributionn ‘Artists Re:thinking the Blockchain’ by Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett, Sam Skinner and Nathan Jones, Liverpool University Press12.03.2017